Welcome to Plastic Forming


At Plastic Forming, Inc., we strive to provide quality parts, fair and competitive prices, and services that exceed customer expectations.


Plastic Forming encompasses more than 45,000 feet of office and manufacturing space with vacuum, pressure forming, die cutting, fabricating and packaging services available in one convenient location.


On-site engineering, coupled with Computer Aided Design (CAD), computer aided machine capability and over thirty-one years of manufacturing experience, combine to offer you complete production services from the concept-to-completion of your project.
We specialize in technologically advanced manufacturing services for a variety of custom applications.


In service of our primary mission, we maintain a continuous focus on Quality Improvement utilizing the philosophy of Lean Manufacturing and The Five S’s.
The result of our continuous improvement program enables us to provide top quality at a fair price.



Please take a look through these pages to see examples of products we manufacture. If you are considering placing an order and would like to see what and how we do it, give us a call to make an appointment. See what pride of workmanship looks like.