After working for Bell Helicopter for over 20 years, Tom Stepp began his own business in 1978: Plastic Forming Inc. Tom was a native Texan, who was straightforward, honest and hardworking. These values continue to guide our interactions with customers, vendors and employees.


Initially, Tom rented 2500 sq. feet in an industrial complex and had 1 machine and 2 employees, including Tom’s wife, Dorothy, who was the bookkeeper. Among the first products developed were a children’s swimming pool protector device and a point-of-purchase display.


As demands grew and Plastic Forming Inc. expanded, the company acquired more space and hired more employees. New technology and machinery kept the growth lively and dynamic. With a thriving business, Tom elected to retire from Bell Helicopter in 1980 and devote all his energy and time to Plastic Forming Inc.


We take great pride knowing that many employees have remained loyal to us in the past two decades, creating a wealth of experience that our customers can rely on. In 1992, Tom turned the management of the company over to his second son, David.

Fortunately, Tom lived long enough to see David expand the company to a current staff of approximately 40 employees and construct a new high-tech facility in March of 2008. The new building houses a total of 45,000 sq. feet and is designed to be at the forefront of plastics technology.


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